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This Week's Live Music 10 4 15

Happy Sunday, friends. Soak up the rain!

The Listen Local Radio Show and all of our endeavors are 100% sponsor funded. Please support our local/original music supporters: Lloyd Pest Control,,, Christmas Outlet Sale San Diego, Thank YOU to all who have donated to our cause.

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Thursday 10 8 - THE LISTEN LOCAL RADIO SHOW this week features our 2nd episode of Listen Local Lounge at Berkley Sound with The Jimmy Lewis Band. Tune in for some live tunes and chatter PLUS all of our great local music, news, info and more. Hear San Diego Here, on demand 24/7 at, a new show every Thursday. SEND US YOUR TUNES AND NEWS! Submit to

Calamity dates
Saturday 10 10 - CalAmity at The Company Pub in Poway. 9pm sharp!


Music News 10 4 15

 The San Diego Music Awards are tomorrow night! Never been? This is the year to go! Here's some fun from 2011.

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I have FREE tickets for you, find me!

We're still fundraising for Listen Local Motion (GIGANTIC love to our supporters, progress report coming SOON!) and you can help by purchasing art from "Cathryn's Cardboard". Check out the latest Haunted houses and some LARGE framed music pieces, too.


Ordeal schedule poster newHey! I'm a musician again! Catch CalAmity at The Company Pub in Poway from 9 to 10pm this Saturday and The Ordeal at The El Cajon Library at 2pm on Saturday the 17th. Join us for some fun. Thank you. xo

THE GAME OCT 2015The Game takes place on Sunday October 18th at 1pm. Live art and a preview of our Full Moon Mama art show happening the following Tuesday.


This Week's Live Music 9 26 15

AA 2015 (2)
The Acoustic Alliance
features songwriters "in the round" performing 3 songs in rotation. Tomorrow night at The Grassroots Oasis there are 3 sets featuring 4 to 5 acts (TALENT BEYOND WORDS!) each set plus intermission entertainment on the patio under a lunar eclipse. Limited seating available for $10 here (which include a free ticket to this event!). Standing room only passes are $6, Acoustic Alliance Alumni get in free. The show is all ages, however, we don't encourage small children as it's a quiet, story-telling environment. Refreshments available.


Sept calamity


Music News 9 26 15

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Need tickets to this? Find me. xo


Truck update: My sweet baby sprayed the first coat of paint on the inside of The Green Room last weekend. It's HAPPENING! Although, it's been slow going due to the heat. In the meantime, I've been salvaging supplies, gathering goodies, collecting cool clothing and focusing with friends in anticipation of our launch. Since HOB was essentially my "day job", Listen Local Radio and all of our endeavors are currently completely sponsor funded until I can get The Green Room up and running. I've been overwhelmed by our music community's generosity, even receiving donations from musicians I know are struggling, too. Besides getting "family discount" status for life, we'll be throwing an appreciation party for all of our donors before we're open to the public. Any donation, from $10 to ten zillion, gets you in on the fun so if you have a little extra dough I promise to put it to good use. This truck will spread San Diego's music to those who may not be exposed to it, otherwise. Click here to help. THANK YOU, FRIENDS! xo

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OMG no more HOB

Hey friends, I've been getting a lot of inquiries as to why my weekly HOB shows are no longer on my calendar at so here's the story. Again. :)

In June of 2015 I was informed by interim GM Brian Carp that my monthly Kid Shows were being cancelled and that my Tuesday night shows were being renamed so that people would not confuse them with Local Brews Local Grooves, our larger multi stage shows that HOB had adopted in their other markets. As for the future of my Tues weekly residency, I was told that if a private party needed our stage on a Tues night they would no longer move my show to another stage or night as they'd been doing for the past 6 years, they would just cancel them. Heartbroken at that and the loss of the Kid Show, I changed Tuesday's name to Listen Local Radio Showcase and hoped for the best.

HOB's cancelling of my Tuesdays continued on the 1 per month average for the next few months and although I tried to move the cancelled shows to other venues, it proved to be too difficult. I lamented to my HOB contact Casey that some of these bands I'm forced to cancel were using these Tues nights as CD release parties and other special events, not to mention, they're playing for FREE as an audition for our All Access Fests. Casey then told me, face to face, that they were not doing any more LBLG all access fests in 2015.

Although I found it hard to believe since the last event sold out over capacity (fire marshals were called in, even), I decided based on that information, it was in everyone's best interest if I gave notice. I used the last date I was fully booked on a Tuesday as my last day, September 8th.

Less than a week later I found out the big show WAS happening, 3 days after my last show in September. I was heartbroken and super pissed at having been lied to. Calls and emails to Casey and Brian Carp went unanswered. My other contact Jerry told me it was a last minute decision (?!) and so, in an effort to keep the remaining shows I had (both b/c I needed the income and because there were over 60 bands counting on those shows) I kept my mouth shut and showed up every Tuesday. By the final week, last Tuesday, I was so emotionally drained that although I was sad to leave my Tuesday crew I couldn't wait to leave this new HOB.

I would have preferred the honest approach. "Hey, thanks for this successful series, we're gonna take it from here" ...instead of the shady way they pulled the rug out from under me and then ignored me. That having been said, I have nothing but love for the time I shared with the musicians and the REAL people who give venues like that soul.

I had 6 years of weekly posters I didn't wanna toss out so I made t his video... all the amazing bands who played Listen Local shows at HOB since 2009. The audio is my interview with Matt Parsons, the GM who hired me in 2009 and started Local Brews Local Grooves. 

Thank you for your concern and continued support, friends! What's next for Listen Local? <---- I'm gonna keep on trucking. 

Cathryn Beeks


Music News 9 13 15

Astra back to tenThis Friday join Astra Kelly and a cast of talented folks for the celebration of her CD release. Get all the info here, see you there!


Truck frontThe weather is cooling down and I'm gearing up to get started on Listen Local Motion thanks to the generous donations of friends from the SD music community. Since leaving HOB, Listen Local Radio is now completely sponsor funded and we can use all the help we can get to make this mobile endeavor happen. If you've got a few bucks to spare you can do so here, all of our benefactors get FAMILY DISCOUNT status for life. Listen Local Motion... coming soon!

Calamity datesCalamity is playing in Carlsbad Saturday the 26th at 6:30, join us for the fun! VOTE FOR US at VOTING ENDS THIS WEEK!



AA 2015
Another way to help Listen Local Radio is to purchase tickets to our events, like... The Acoustic Alliance! $10 seats or $6 standing room only for this amazing show featuring over a dozen songwriters "in the round" and more. You can purchase a ticket from any of the performers or get one now and help keep Listen Local Radio rocking in the free world.

Green room session poster smallGot something SD music related to share on The Listen Local Radio show? Contact Cathryn@ to schedule an interview session. The home studio is located in Crest but soon we'll be everywhere, even in your neighborhood.

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Back at Berkley Sound! Tune in to the Listen Local Radio Show in October to hear unedited good times with our SD favorites recorded at Jeff Berkley's new studio. Listen Local Lounge at Berkley Sound, returns!