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Funding Creative Projects 101

“I'm just grateful that there are still folks who want to support the arts.”

There are a lot of starving musicians out there who want to try and bring home the bacon. Sometimes funds can be an issue for these starving-artist types. Well, maybe they aren’t even starving, but they just don’t have the extra cash required to throw down for a music video or professionally mastered record. I’m not surprised. . . after all, to effectively promote yourself and start making money at your passion, you want worthy tracks, but to get worthy tracks you need to start making some extra money. Ah yes, it’s a vicious cycle.

I’ve stumbled across some of the fundraising sites where (seemingly lazy) people are asking for money for a personal cause. At first I thought, “How dare someone try to raise money for themselves when there are so many important causes out there!” But I never really put much thought into it, and I recently had a change of heart when I ran into long-time-ago high school peer and successful campaigner, Eliza Rickman.

I last talked to Eliza a few years ago when I did a quickie interview about her clever hat wearing style. This time around though, she’s offering her advice on how to effectively raise money for whatever your musical cause may be. In her case, she was hoping to raise six grand towards the making of an album, and lo and behold, in these last days before the July 1st deadline, she’s almost doubled her original goal.

Just a couple weeks ago you had about five grand. Now you have a few more days of your fundraiser, but you’ve already gone way beyond your goal. How did you do it?

“I do have a few more days. I am honestly shocked that the project has garnered so much support. But it's a relief, since it really is costing more than $14k total by the time it's all said & done.

“Two huge pledges came in around the time I was quite close to reaching my goal. I know one of the backers heard me on WFMU in New York. I'm not sure about the other. I'm just grateful that there are still folks who want to support the arts. And who has a thousand or more dollars lying around? I don't know- guys I should marry, probably.”

Single rich men, please contact Eliza. Now that that's out of the way. Give us a breakdown of useful tips!

“1. Be creative with your rewards. People like to be a part of something that is fun and unique. Make the incentives personal to you and your style. And your fans.

“2. Let people know what their money is (potentially) being used for. I included a break-down of why this record costs so much. People are more confident about supporting things when they feel well-informed.

“3. Be genuine. I sat down with the couple who made my music videos before I went out to Chicago to begin recording this record, and we made a really nice-looking, well-lit video of me sitting on their couch explaining why I needed financial support for the project. Then my mom gave me a little flip camera for Christmas. I had it in Chicago and recorded footage of the musicians in the studio. I decided to go outside in the 20 degree weather and film myself talking about the project while shivering in the cold while the wind was blowing around me. And I looked like hell. It's kind of hilarious, but I was sure it gave a much more natural depiction of what was going on, what my personality is like, and therefore it would be more effective to use for the campaign video. Just be yourself. Don't worry about lighting or making it glossy.

“4. Expose your campaign to as many people as possible. I waited a while to put my Kickstarter page up while on my nationwide tour, because I knew a lot of new people would be exposed to my work during that time, look me up online, and because I was fresh in their minds, they would already be excited enough to support me. If someone can't tour, but has a strong local following or a large circle of supportive family & friends, maybe they wouldn't need as much time. I posted my page at the very beginning of my tour and it will be over on the last day of tour- a two month period. I have noticed more backers from cities I played at while on tour.

“5. Don't set the goal too high or too low. This can be tricky. I wasn't comfortable asking for the enormous amount of money the record actually is costing me, so I set the goal a little lower. I think people are intimidated by campaigns that are asking for an insanely high amount of money. But they do get excited about projects that have garnered a lot of help already.

How much selling of this site do you have to do?

“I do think people can get tired of hearing about it, but I've been pretty shameless about it. I've posted things about it on my facebook page(s) on average every other day pretty much since it began, or at least once the project started to build some momentum so that people could get excited about it. Also, the way things pop up on fans' facebook feeds, you might think you're over-doing it, but some people don't hear about your project until later on. You fifth annoying post of the week just might reach a new pair of eyes. I've also been emailing the info to every single new person who joined my email list on this tour. I sent a mass email out to my mailing lists in cities I had a fan base in towards the beginning of the campaign. And now that it's almost over, I'm about to send a reminder that there are only a few days left of it.”

Eliza also recommends making sure you pick the right platform from the get go.

“If someone is really not sure their campaign will succeed, but they are willing to spread the word to everyone they know and don't want the embarrassment of an unsuccessful campaign, they can use Indiegogo, instead of Kickstarter. You can keep everything you make on that site, instead of the all-or-none model of Kickstarter.”

At first it sounds really scary and horrible- to think you might raise 95 percent of your goal and then lose it. But Kickstarter makes a good point. “a project must reach its funding goal before time runs out or no money changes hands. Why? It protects everyone involved. Creators aren’t expected to develop their project without necessary funds, and it allows anyone to test concepts without risk. “

It makes sense.

Hope you found some of these tips useful and check out her page before it’s gone! There is only 50 hours to go and she’s already made over 11,000 dollars! You can see examples of her rewards and watch her video, as well as see the breakdown of costs. Good luck on your money making ventures!

Click here to see the goods:

By Tracy Petrucci

This Week's Music 6/27/11

Join me for great music and your chance to win tickets to the SD County Fair, see you at a show!  Cathryn

Dusty and the love notesTuesday 6/28 - LBLG at House of Blues NO COVER all ages GOOD TIMES 7:00 Chaz Cabrera 8:00 Dusty and the Love Notes 9:00 Canyon Call 10:00 Midnight Hour

Anati tuedayThursday 6/30 - Happy hour at Winstons in OB, email to reserve a spot to play 5:00 open 5:30 open 6:00 Jamie Arguello 7:00 Anati Tuesday 7:30 the Peripherals NO COVER

Now onto the news...


Music News 6/27/11

Superunloader bad bugsLloyd Pest Control Artist of the Week... SuperunloaderDownload DIFFERENT STORY for free!

Lllbs logo posterCheck out the latest edition of Listen Local Lounge at Berkley Sound, featuring Barbara Nesbitt and Jimmy Lewis... tune in right now!

LENNY promoLenny Morris Music Presents Music and Comedy LIVE!  Friday, July 15th @8pm Cafe Libertalia Cost: $10 Featuring Comedians: Mark Christopher Lawrence (from NBC TV's "Chuck"), Andrew Deans, Sindi Somers, Erik Cram  and Featuring Musicians: Veronica May and Lindsay White "The Lovebirds", Scott West, Brian Bosen, Lenny Morris

Sdma 2011The nominees have been announced for this year's San Diego Music Awards, congrats to everyone and good luck!  Get your vote on here.

Find your voice cd image Get your copy of FIND YOUR VOICE, a 12 song CD compilation featuring some of San Diego's best... only $5 and the proceeds benefit Performing Arts in San Diego Schools!

Aa 7 10 11The next Acoustic Alliance takes place on Sunday July 10th and due to some scheduling conflicts we'll be having it at HOUSE OF BLUES in the big dining room and it'll be ALL AGES and FREE!  Check out who's playing!

Clemons(1) Wanna play the Belly Up?  Just send a Youtube link of you playing a Bruce Springstreen song to to enter.  You must be available to perform on July 5th at The Concert for Clarence.  Deadline is July 1st!

From the folks at Peace Pies who recently lost their store in a fire: "Come and join us for the Peace Pies benefit on July 9th from 5 to 9pm! It will be on Wild Willow Farm at 2550 Sunset Ave, San Diego 92154. Come and enjoy yummy raw vegan food by Peace Pies, live music, and awesome raffle prizes! Help us get back in our storefront by joining the festivities."

Hotel indigoJuly 14th check out the view from HOTEL INDIGO with music from Katie Leigh and The Infantry, Bosen Arrows, Patrick Lanzetta and SDMA nominees, THE GROOVE KITTIESHave you checked out this swanky, dog friendly hotel?  Do it now!

This Week's Music 6/20/11

Join me at a show this week for awesome music and your chance to win tickets to the SD County Fair.  Cathryn

Blaze eisnerTuesday 6/21 - LBLG at House of Blues 7:00 Carmen Caserta 7:30 James Morris 8:00 Carl Durant Band 9:00 Blaze Eisner 10:00 Chad Scott NO COVER all ages FAMILY FRIENDLY

Nikki wilkensWednesday 6/22 - The Stage NEWLY REMODELED 6:00 Nikki Wilkins 6:30 Peter Seltser 7:00 Digital Decay 8:00 Carlos Rock Experience 9:00 J Grace NO COVER

Podunk nowhere new (2) Thursday 6/23 - Happy Hour at Winstons in OB 5:00 Em Brownlowe, Ryan Blue and Podunk Nowhere "in the round" 7:00 Simple Mantra NO COVER

Stevie harris Friday 6/24
- The Go Lounge on El Cajon Blvd. around 71st NO COVER check out this cool new venue! 8:00 Trish Hosein 8:30 Jessica Bell 9:00 Brett Wagner 10:00 Steve Harris 11:00 full band email to reserve this spot!

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Music News 6/20/11

David ryan norgren bad bugsThis week's Lloyd Pest Control Artist of the Week is DAVID RYAN NORGREN, download his song SPENT for free here!

Wynola poster Meet us at Wynola Pizza on Saturday June 25th from 6 to 9pm and enjoy some awesome acoustic music "in the round" featuring Matt Silvia, Cathryn Beeks and The Love Birds (Veronica May and Lindsay White) no cover, all ages.  Get more info here, see you there!
Aa 7 10 11The next Acoustic Alliance will be FREE and ALL AGES!  Check out the show at House of Blues on July 10th, 6pm.  Check out the line up!   
Rock-the-boulevard Ever been to the Lafayette Hotel?  Opened in 1946, it's famed for its clamshell stage in the Mississippi Room where a new series called Rock The Boulevard will take place during the month of July.  $10 at the door. $25 for all 5 nights... check out the lineup! 
July 1 – Geezer, Rio Peligroso, Gregory Page
July 8 – The Very, Baghdad
July 15 – Tropical Popsicle, Roxy Jones
July 22 –Erika Davies, Roy Rapid & The Rhythm Rock Trio
July 29 – Steven Rey and The Slickers, The Amandas
E-mail: for more info

Music News 6/13/11

Tori bad bugsDownload Rockets by Tori FOR FREE, thanks to our friends at Lloyd Pest Control!

Rob bondaurantCheck out Tracy's interview with Rob Bondurant in our Artist Spotlight

Find your voice cd image Get your copy of FIND YOUR VOICE, a 12 song CD compilation featuring some of San Diego's best... only $5 and the proceeds benefit Performing Arts in San Diego Schools!

Aa 7 10 posterThe next Acoustic Alliance takes place on Sunday July 10th and due to some scheduling conflicts we'll be having it at HOUSE OF BLUES in the big dining room and it'll be ALL AGES and FREE!  Check out who's playing!

The go lounge logoThe Go Lounge is our newest Listen Local venue, located on El Cajon Blvd. just past 70th.  This place is swanky/cozy, has a kicking patio where you can watch what's happening inside and the bar is full of your favorites.  We'll be rocking their stage on Friday, June 24th with Trish Hosein, Jessica Bell, Brett Wagner, Steve Harris and there is a spot open for your full ACOUSTIC band, check the calendar at and holler!

Wynola poster June 25th there's a special 'lil show happening at Wynola Pizza Express... Matt Silvia and I along with The Love Birds, "in the round" acoustic and intimate.  Get a cabin and stay the weekend, Julian is beautiful!

San diego music thing  
The San Diego Music Thing(formerly known as the North Park Music Thing - NPMT) is now in its fourth year and is accepting submissions.  This year’s event will be September 9 and 10th.  The annual event is presented by the San Diego Music Foundation (, a non-profit organization founded in 1991 to make experiential music programs available to children of need in San Diego County.  Musicians from Northern and Southern California and beyond are encouraged to apply to perform at the conference via Sonicbids at

Cathryn and penny
I've updated by personal Blog with info about my upcoming surgery and stuff, thanks for asking/reading/caring.  xoxo





This Week's Music 6/13/11

Excellent music, new venues and good a chance to win tickets to the fair.  I'll see you at a show!  Cathryn

Dannie marie bandTuesday 6/14 - LBLG at HOB, no cover ALL AGES and family friendly!  Come for dinner, stay for the rock and roll.  7:00 Eddie Lenhart 7:30 The Peripherals 8:00 The Dannie Marie Band 9:00 Gomez Blues Project 10:00 The Legacy Pack

Steve welty Thursday 6/16 - Happy Hour at Winstons in OB, NO COVER!  5:00 open 5:30 Steve Welty 6:00 Dave Michaels 6:30 Katie Woods 7:00 Alan Silva 7:30 Jason Moon

Spring valley inn poster  
Saturday 6/18
- Country, Rock and Country Rock at The Spring Valley Inn.  Join me for the first Listen Local event at this HISTORIC biker bar in E. County.  It was The Beat Farmer's home base back in the day, now the owner Krazy George wants music 7 days a week so he's looking for bands.  BBQ, full bar and awesome atmosphere.  NO COVER  4:00 Cathryn Beeks and Matt Silvia 4:30 Rob Bondurant 5:00 Nisha Catron 5:30 Mind over Matter 6:45 Mockingbird 7:45 Cactus 5

Now onto the news...

Local Artist Spotlight: Robert Bondurant

Now here’s something you don’t find everyday: A San Diego local musician who actually grew up in. . . San Diego! This local boy worked his way through obsessions such as moonwalking and breakdancing to magic shows, all before even reaching high school. But that’s when his greatest obsession hit. Now Robert Bondurant is taking SD by storm at night playing shows, while working on the upcoming release of his EP by day, set to be available on June 17th.

This guys got some honest answers. I was a little surprised and of course very pleased... especially the bit about when “newbies” feel competitive. Read on, you’ll see what I mean.

So you’re a talented musician now, but you had your fair share of hobbies growing up huh?

"My first real obsession was when I was 9 yrs old, I saw Michael Jacksons "Moonwalker" on TV. That was it for me. I started learning all the dance moves and dressing like him and listening to all his music. I made my own "BAD" jacket once and wore it EVERYWHERE!  

After a couple years...I saw David Blaine's "Street Magic" on TV. Next thing you know I am well on my way to trying to have my own Street Magic show on TV and Vegas. That was what I wanted to do in life.

Although I went through different hobbies growing up, music was always there, and I think that single moment in my young life resonates through me still. The first time I really had a guitar in the house was when we moved into my stepdad's place around 7th grade for me. It wasn't until sophmore year of High School, after seeing his old guitar sitting dusty in the corner for years, I finally asked if he would teach me a couple chords."

So you’re hitting it hard then, music as a career?

"About two years ago, before I started working on my album, I was working 3 jobs and trying to save up money for the record. I got to a point where I decided that if I were going to "make it" in this industry...I am going to have to take the wheel and make it happen for myself! So I quit my jobs and started playing music full time. That meant I had to network and play the role of manager and business man as well as performer. I also did a lot of listening and observing of my music industry surroundings and realized that if I want to make a record that is at the same level of an artist signed to a major label, it was possible to do it myself! I wanted to make my first record in a way that brought out the best of my abilities and be the best it can possibly be! All I needed was the right people, right musicians, and a whole lot of money!" 

So when you made the decision to quit your jobs, did you have a bunch of money saved up? Did you make sure every gig you booked was payed?

"I didn't have a bunch of money saved up but I didnt make that choice completely irresponsibly. I had enough to not put myself in a hole, although it wasn't much haha. I had a couple payed gigs already and that was when I realized I could potentially book enough payed gigs to make enough money as with my other 2 jobs. So I networked as much as I could and met some really good people who helped and pointed me in the right direction. Now I have a band that I can book for gigs as well as playing solo acoustic. All paid gigs at bars and restaurants."

Any advice for those people who have financial responsibilities and can't really take off their "real" jobs or pay for high quality recording?

"Obviously bills have to be paid and mouths have to be fed. I took a good look at my surroundings and asked a lot of people what they really wanted to do in life and unfortunately they were doing something completely different. I felt like it was something out of a movie. I just did not want to be one of those people who waited too long to strive for their dream. When I say strive I mean really digging in deep and giving it every ounce of your strength, blood, sweat and tears, teeth and nail, fighting for your life! If anyone adopts that mentality about something they want to do, they become a very powerful person."  

So how long has it taken you to get this album ready?

"It has been a year in the making and things are finally starting to be finished! In that time, however, the only real music I have had online for people to listen to were some old demo recordings. They were very outdated as far as my growth as a singer, songwriter, and musician. They weren't really helping me out as far as growing a fan base. So I decided to record and release an official acoustic EP. The EP, "Still Standing" consists of 5 songs that I were actually written far more recently than the songs on my next record haha. Funny the way it works."

Why Still Standing?

"I actually titled my EP "Still Standing" in reference to all the hard work, stress, depression, ups, downs, blood, sweat, and tears, that have been put into making the big record, all while trying to make a living playing music and promote myself as an artist. Anyway, I am really proud and excited to actually have a record! Even though its only acoustic, the songs are very personal to me and are my first real stamp of validity as a local singer-songwriter. San Diego...I'm Here!!"

I listened to some from your website. Is the one about the mother a personal experience?

"Through Her Eyes" is really more of a story expressing the importance of the role that mothers play on their children. I used my relationship with my mom as a reference, however, the song still needed to be finished. I wanted the song to flow as the cycle of life so the last verse of the song refers to her passing away but her influence, her love, is still there. It is something that I know one day I will be faced with as will many others."227010_16740892001_727782001_554780_5771_n

I noticed you have a lot of covers on your youtube, is that something you did before you were writing your own songs? 

" My Youtube is really set up more for fun. You see a lot of covers because I don't want people's first impression of my material coming from a live unplugged video. Back in the day the "Unplugged" version usually came out long after the record. I feel unplugged versions are more appreciated that way. I've been writing since I was 17.

So now my goals are set on getting OUT of the bar circuit and actually play some real shows where people like to listen. There's only so many times you can have someone yell, "FREEBIRD" at you before you wanna smash your guitar on their head.....and I need my guitar!"


That's hilarious, what do you do when people call out for covers you're sick of, do u play them? What's your favorite bar to play so far? Maybe one that is not so bad!

"Honestly, my playlist of covers is so random that most of the time when people call them out, I don't know it anyway. Haha I don't usually get a lot of requests anyway, which I guess means they generally must like what I'm playing. One of my favorite bars to play at is Prospect Bar in La Jolla. The owners are really supportive of local music and good to the performers. I have also gotten booked for a lot of other gigs from playing there as well"



So you’d say networking is pretty crucial to your success as a musician?

"To me, I think it's really important to meet other artists and make connections with people. There seems to be this unspoken reservation of competition between performers and I don't think it's healthy for anyone...especially the local music scene as a whole."

What makes you think this? I experience a lot of camaraderie, so I'm just curious what your experiences have been?

"It is a conversation I have had with many songwriters in San Diego and they have all agreed. I will openly tell you that when I was starting out, it was about who's better than who and who can I be better than, etc. Of course, you're not supposed to tell people that because its a shitty way to be and it could just be a personal issue of insecurity as an artist and being an overall prick. Come to find out, I'm not the only one.

It is a phase that takes time and maturity to grow out of. San Diego's music scene is here, it just needs a little more work. This is a great city with great people in it, but its going to take all of us as a musical community to create a bigger draw for our performers"


Well you heard him right people, come together as a community!

If you want more info on Robert's upcoming EP, check him out online here.

By Tracy Petrucci